Privacy Policy

In recognition of the Privacy ACT, Janrule P/L T/As Gerald Slaven, hereinafter referred to as “The Organisation”, acknowledges responsibility with regard to the collection of personal information.

The Organisation will collect only relevant information from the customer, sub-contractor or employee, for the purpose of what it is intended only. The Organisation acknowledges the right of the individual to access their information on request to the Privacy Officer at the above address, with proof of identity. The Organisation will take all care necessary to ensure that information collected is current, accurate and can be updated by contacting the organisation’s Privacy Officer. The Organisation reserves the right to check personal information for the purpose of finance with credit institutions, as requires.

The Organisation will use personal information in regard to the purchase and servicing of motor vehicles, motor vehicle accessories, motor vehicle finance, registration and personal employment. To facilitate warranties, safety recalls and future product information, the Organisation will forward to the manufacturer, the individuals’ personal information in order to accurately identify ownership only. The Organisation will also keep on file by means of in-house computer and or hardcopy, customers’ personal information in relation to the above categories. Disclosure of personal information outside of the primary purpose will be by permission from the individual, taking into account their physical and legal capabilities.

The Organisation will take all reasonable steps to ensure that individual’s personal information will be held secure. The Organisation has procedures in place for the computer system and uses several means to protect information from unauthorised access. The computer system has direct access to the Internet and outside sources, and all users have ID and password restraints and accesses. Regular virus scans and other safeguard measures are undertaken on a defined basis. Paper copy is held under key and security patrol when unattended after regular business hours. All reasonable steps will be taken on disposal of personal information to de-identify of ownership. Disposal will be, wherever possible, by security shredding. The Organisation reserves the right to deny access to personal information in circumstances that may prejudice any legal activities anticipated by the organisation against the individual. Personal information will be disclosed to relevant law authorities upon request as defined in the Act. The Organisation reserves the right to collect information where it is so required by lawful or legislative authorities as defined in the Act.

For more detailed privacy policies and guidelines please refer to Document - A: 149 and A: 158.