Updated Amarok on the horizon!


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Volkswagen Australia has confirmed that the updated Amarok V6 will hit the market in the third quarter of this year.  This Amarok is one of the most powerful series-production pick-up trucks in Australia and with the new model featuring a 200kW engine it just got better.

One of the major strengths of the V6 Amarok is that it’s bigger, yet more powerful than many of its rivals.  The tub of the vehicle is quite spacious and there is plenty of additional space between the rear wheel arches meaning you’ll be able to fit plenty of gear in the Volkswagen V6 Amarok. Some of its great strengths include overtaking other vehicles with a quick burst of speed or accelerating up a hill when a standard loaded ute would lag behind. Helping it achieve its pulling power is an 8-speed automatic transmission. The engine has smooth shifting, so the transmission gets the most that it can out of the engine.

Many dual-cab utes can have a stiff rear suspension, and this makes them a bumpy ride and very uncomfortable at times, especially without a load.

There is a little bit of bouncing, but the Amarok is quite comfortable most of the time and it controls its movement extremely well. When you bring this vehicle up to speed, it’s very quiet.

In terms of seating, it has great support, as well as extra padding in the front seats which make this the perfect vehicle for a long-distance journey.  There is plenty of customisation in this vehicle so overall you get a nice comfortable driving experience in the both o road and off.

The Volkswagen Amarok has won plenty of awards throughout Australia which makes it the top choice for many Australian drivers. It recently picked up the IPUA 2018 award or International Pick-Up Award. The management of Volkswagen is quite pleased with the success of the Amarok internationally. They have listened to their customers and put more torque, power, and usability into this vehicle. It will suit all lifestyles and it’s a luxurious vehicle to own. The company plans to keep the Amarok at the top of its class in the years to come. In 2011 this vehicle also earned a couple other awards such as Ute of the Year 2011 from 4X4 Australia, and Ute of the Year 2011 from Delivery Magazine which makes this vehicle a top buy.

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