Silverado is here, Camaro on its way


Finally, Chevy Camaro and Silverado Heading Soon To Australia

Enough with the operation hiccups and rumors, the long wait will be over, soon.

Great news for the muscle car, rear-wheel drive fans, the legendary Chevrolet will finally be returning to “the Land Down Under”. Chevrolet, the household name among car enthusiasts around most of the world, has not been sold since the 1980’s in Australia. Welcome to 2018 and Australia will be welcoming the Chevy hot brands back.

While some may not have gotten over with the drama involved in the announcement of the end of automotive giant General Motors manufacturing in the country during the final quarter of 2016 yet, we’re sure they will now that Check will be coming to Oz.

After decades of predominantly focusing on the creation of Australia’s home-grown Commodore, Holden’s new partnership with HSV will finally bring the highly anticipated Chevy brands starting off with the New Camaro and the New Silverado to the Holden showrooms. This mind-blowing news should rock the world of the Mustang fans, as Mustang will have its direct competitor here in no time.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect about the latest Chevy Camaro and Silverado heading your way pretty soon:

Power Ride: The Ultimate Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet’s pinnacle full-size pick up truck model, the Silverado is a perfect definition of strength and dependability. Chevy Silverado is expected to deliver aggressive performance which is as powerful as it looks. Despite its beastly exterior appearance, inside is nothing but personalised comfort and convenience.

The heavy duty truck will be powered by Duramax 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 engine with an equally impressive V8 cylinder.  It has a maximum power of 332kW and a maximum torque power of 1234Nm. You can also rely on Silverado even with the heaviest of loads as it has a maximum payload starting off with 975 kg.

The Silverado is in store now so take a look and book your test drive.

Hot Wheels: The Stunning Chevrolet Camaro

Performance  car enthusiasts can expect more power and sheer exhilaration with the new Camaro. The stunning drive will be arriving in the country and converted into right-hand drive by HSV. With a bold styling statement, the new Camaro’s road presence is absolutely hard not to notice. From its exterior to the interior, you’ll see the blend of perfection as style meets function with innovation.

Camaro will be powered by the 6.2L Generation V LT1 Small Block Direct Injection V8 engine along with an impressive 8-speed automatic transmission. With its every element meticulously engineered, this sports car will have the power to generate power of up to 339 kW and a torque performance of up to 617 Nm. It also features precise braking with Brembo Brakes and a powerful front and rear suspension.

As for pricing and arrival dates, contact us now and stay informed.


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