Fuel, fuel everywhere, so which one do I pick?


When you’re buying a car there are many factors that influence your decision. One factor that most people overlook is what type of fuel their new car requires. Fuel, from ethanol blends to diesel, are made for different purposes. Just because the fuel you’re purchasing is labelled “Ultra-Premium”, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for your car. Unleaded 91, 95 and 98 The key to understanding the 3 major types of unleaded petrol available is to first know what the numbers… Read More

Easter long weekend – a great time to drive!

Mount Kosciuszko

  Easter is just around the corner and with it comes one of the longest weekends of the year. Canberra is surrounded by beautiful countryside, national parks, and sweeping highways, so why not explore them? Here are some of our favourite drives to take this long weekend Mt. Kosciuszko National Park Driving out to the Snowies can be experienced as a day trip or overnight adventure, depending on your preference. Starting out just South of Canberra, the first leg of… Read More