Pollie Pedal – Supporting our returned soldiers and their families


  The Pollie Pedal bike ride is on again, raising much needed funds for Soldier On. Soldier On provides our returning soldiers and their families with mental and physical support. Being a solider is tough, but coming home can be even tougher. Many of our veterans find it extremely hard to adjust to everyday life after the stress of the field. Their challenge is shared by their family and friends. Soldiers often have post-traumatic stress and find it difficult to reintegrate… Read More

Volkswagens T-Roc revealed


Are you one of those people who just wishes their Golf was an SUV? Well, as unlikely as that sounds, Volkswagen has made it into a reality with the new T-Roc SUV. When the first concept for the T-Roc came out in 2014 (pictured), it had a Targa roof and 2-doors. Now, all that has changed. The current T-Roc that we are all more likely to see is a 5-door SUV with a fixed roof, looking and feeling like a… Read More

Loving your car this Autumn


  After a summer like we’ve had, it’s hard to blame anyone who is relieved that it’s over. It’s been the hottest summer on record with scorching sun, relentless heat and countless trips to the beach. With all the outdoor activities that summer has brought, and all the kilometres travelled to your favourite outdoor destinations, your car will need a bit of tender loving care. These 5 essential tips will help you get your car back in action this Autumn,… Read More