Volkswagen Arteon – Luxury Driving


Just arrived in our showroom is the magnificent and sleek Volkswagen Arteon. If we can’t have full autonomous driving then this is the closest we’ll get with dynamic light assist, park assist, traffic jam assist, lane assist and even adaptive cruise control. If this car could assist you anymore, you could work on your laptop the whole way to the office.

This machine is for the real driving enthusiast that loves the drive, and hates the fiddling.

The technology in this uber luxury car doesn’t stop there. Say hello to the best that digital has to offer with a fully integrated touch screen infotainment system. Whether you love apple or android this system will seamlessly connect your phone and all your apps to the 9.2” touch screen. A heads up display and navigation right in front of your eyes all go into making the driving experience in the new Arteon one of a kind.

With Volkswagen constantly bringing to light the catchphrase “Premium for the people” it was about time they delivered on this promise. Taking over from the Volkswagen Passat and CC models you’ll notice a definite influence from the Arteons predecessors. That’s not to say that the Arteon doesn’t have a mind, and a style of it’s own, because it definitely does.

The lighting accents on the inside, controlled by the entertainment system and the R-Line Leather appointed seats all go into making the Arteon the best of the best when it comes to Luxury driving. If you need more reasons to turn your head, take in the landscape that are machined 19” Montevideo Alloys, with a 20” upgrade option.

Rivalling its German cousins in the BMW 4 series, Audi A5 and the Mercedes CLA class you’ll find that the Arteon has more room, better features and much more technology, so strip away the badge and the Volkswagen is a clear winner.

You really shouldn’t buy a luxury sedan until you’ve driven it, as we feel that you won’t go anywhere else once you’ve stepped inside the wonder that is the Volkswagen Arteon.



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